Billion 8800AXL Basic Stats

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Stats recorded 19 Feb 2018 09:16:49


DSLAM/MSAN typeBDCM:0xb0c7 / v0xb0c7
Modem/router firmwareAnnexA version - A2pv6F039g1.d24m
DSL modeVDSL2 Profile 17a
Uptime1 day 20 hours 7 min 25 sec
Resyncs0 (since 18 Feb 2018 13:27:46)
Vectoring status1 (VECT_FULL)
Last Retrain Reason 1
Link Power State L0
TPS-TC PTM Mode(0x0)

VDSL Band Status

Line Attenuation (dB)7.437.557.9  -  -17.446.771.7
Signal Attenuation (dB)7.436.9  -  -  -22.446.3  -
SNR Margin (dB)23.924.0  -  -  -22.522.6  -
TX Power (dBm)-  -  -13.57.4  -


Connection speed (kbps)280006400
Max Attainable (Kbps)4981713281
SNR margin (dB)22.624.0
Power (dBm)14.15.5
Interleave depth168
INP (Impulse Noise Protection)64.0066.00

Error Counters

CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check Errors)17422
FEC (Forward Error Correction Count)4881141733
HEC (Header Error Control Errors)00
OCD (Out-of Cell Delineation Errors)00
LCD (Lost Cell Delineation)00
Bit Errors00
Error Seconds722
Severely Errored Seconds419
Unavailable Seconds325325
RS Words36004792002577674

Line Details

Bytes in the overhead channel message-6-6
B (bytes in Mux Data Frame)15497
M (Mux Data Frames in an RS codeword)11
T (Mux Data Frames in an OH sub-frame)00
R (redundancy bytes in the RS codeword)1014
S (data symbols that RS codeword spans)0.17570.4856
L (bits transmitted in each data symbol)75111845
D (interleaver depth)168
I (interleaver block size in bytes)165112
N (RS codeword size)165112
SNR Margin
Forward Error Correction
Bit Loading
Bitswaps per minute
Bitswaps per tone